Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Friday!!

We are almost done with our second full week. The students have been working hard to remember our routines, especially the routines around bring back homework. Most nights students will have both math and spelling homework. If you are finding that homework is a struggle please reach out and let me know, it should not be and I certainly do not want it to be.

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We are almost done with our maps and globes unit. We will be moving onto Space after!

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The school store, run by the Student Council, opens for business next Friday, September 30th. The school store is where students can purchase pencils, erasers, sharpeners and other school supplies. The school store opens around 8 AM until just before the start of school. Students who arrive on buses do not always have the opportunity to go to the school store, so if your student wants to go, maybe you might consider driving them in one morning! The students really love buying items on their own from the school store!

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Have a great weekend!!

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