Thursday, February 18, 2016

Almost February Break!

Hello families!

We have almost made it to February break. We are more than halfway through 3rd grade! Can you believe it?!

In reading we have been continuing to sharpen our reading comprehension skills through our reading books, trade books and independent activities. This is a skill all students will continue to work on!

In math, we have recently learned about area and perimeter and have begun discussing fractions. We have been working on learning our multiplication math facts and helper facts. It is important that students continue to practice their multiplication math facts to increase their fluency.

In social studies we have been learning about Black Americans, the history of slavery and the underground railroad. We will watch a movie about Ruby Bridges, too.

In science, we are learning about simple machines. Today we had a fun and interactive Techsploration assembly. We learned about trading distance for effort, work, load and the six simple machines. We will have our simple machines fair when we return from February break. This fair will take place on Friday, March 4th.

Enjoy your February break! I hope it is restful!

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