Monday, September 25, 2017


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We are now in the full swing of homework. Please look for your child to have nightly math homework. This is an extension of that days lesson. The students will not have any new material as homework. Occasionally, if we did not have a full math lesson students may bring home math fact practice or practice on previously learned skills. If you questions about math homework please let me know! 

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Spelling homework is a bit different. Spelling is aligned with our reading program that runs typically 6-7 days. Your child will have a spelling pretest and based on the pretest score, they will be placed on the most appropriate list. This list will come home in their blue home-school folder. There will always be the test date in the upper right hand corner. This date also indicates the date that spelling homework is due. While spelling homework should be a nightly activity, your child will need to manage the 4 required activities and the due date. 

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